(Prices listed reflect the $200 discount when booked alongside a performance of Moliere Than Thou.)

Acting in the Classical Theatre

(2 Hours; $300) What are the two most fundamental responsibilities of the actor? Tim Mooney connects Thespis to Shakespeare to Moliere to the Jerry Springer show, in more-or-less, a straight line, using scenes from Hamlet, King Lear, The Misanthrope and Tartuffe. Your asides will never be the same. (Interactive; Recommended for Theatre Classes, best size: 40-70 students)

The Toughest Monologue in the Show (A third hour of Acting in the Classical Theatre available for $200): Tim Mooney works the actors through a monologue from a given Shakespeare play (perhaps one that you have in rehearsal, or are producing in the near future). He dissects the monologue to establish its meaning, clarify the rhetorical challenges, underline the emotional content and divine character clues from the text, working up to a performance of this same monologue by the end of the class. (List of monologues already available.)

The Life of Moliere

(2 hours; $300) Tim Mooney, author of 15 adaptations of the works of Moliere, leads the group through the life and times of France’s favorite playwright and the greatest comic writer of all time. Punctuated with scenes and monologues from Moliere’s plays, we recount the south-of-France tour, the “Comedy Wars,” the trouble with Tartuffe, and Moliere’s ironic death amid The Imaginary Invalid (and more). (Slightly interactive; Recommended for French, Theatre, History Classes, best size 100 students)

Commedia: Lots of Lazzi

(2 hours; $300) Uncover your inner Pantalone. Tim Mooney exposes the essential formula for creating lazzi. You, too, can create hilarious schtick around any situation, character and plot. (Interactive; Recommended for Theatre Classes, best size 20 students.)

Writing, Producing and Touring the One-Man Show

(2 hours; $300) The author of Moliere than Thou, Criteria,(a one-man sci fi thriller) and Karaoke Knights, a One-Man Rock Opera, recaptures the writing, production, booking and touring process, complete with performance pieces from each work. Can it work for you? (Narrative; Recommended for Theatre, Playwriting, English Classes, best size 50-70 students.)

Shakespeare Monologues

(2 hours; $300) IN DEVELOPMENT. Tim Mooney is in the process of memorizing a monologue from every Shakespeare play! A dozen monologues from that project are already ready for workshops in Shakespeare.

Class Visits

($100 per hour-long session) Tim Mooney is available to interact with students at the following topics:

Faculty Response

Book This Fellow! … an invaluable asset regarding text, voice, movement, and helping students discover connections to the material that are alive and inspiring.
Fred Gorelick, North Carolina State University

An incredible workshop on classical acting ... The positive impact on my actors was felt immediately … one of the most exciting pieces of theatre I had seen in a long time. … I cannot wait to bring him back.
Janice Fronczak, U-Nebraska Kearney

What a tour de force! … We were absolutely delighted … Your workshop was engaging, energetic …
Lori Merrill-Fink, Southern Illinois University