Recent Engagements

The Doctor in Spite of Himself / The Precious Young Maidens: Produced at the University of Oklahoma, Feb, 07, Performed as Sganarelle (Doctor) and Mascarille (Precious): Directed by Susan Shaugnessy.

“Spoof, satire delight audience … Guest artist Mooney was hilarious in the title role, using fake Latin, body language and exaggerated gestures to con those willing to pay for his medical services. … Rhyming dialogue, the commedia dell’arte performance style and 17th century costumes … made The Doctor in Spite of Himself nearly irresistible. … The OU production is well worth attending in its remaining performances.” (The Oklahoman)

“The wit of his quill brings quite a thrill … Mooney leads OU’s young actors, with Susan Shaughnessy’s direction, through the twists and turns etched by Moliere’s pen to spread the humor, often in dagger form. … audience members of all ages are in for a delightful hour of mishaps and misunderstandings … OU’s Evening of Moliere proves great plays are timeless, even if they seem to be confections. … all who attended laughed a lot and left smiling as they hustled out. (The Norman Transcript)

The Imaginary Invalid:

Produced at the Beck Center, Cleveland, OH, May, ‘05, Tim Mooney, Director.

“Reasons to go: …Tim Mooney’s new translation is funny and easy to follow, … Mooney has choreographed the stylized schtick to within an inch of its life –- there are delightful bits.” (Cool Cleveland, 5/05; Later named among “Best of 2005”);

“Romance attracts, but in these plays, the writing is the strongest part … The main attraction, again, is the script, a witty, self-referential verse adaptation by Tim Mooney (who also directs) in idiomatic contemporary English. It's a handsome production, thanks to … Mooney's precisely choreographed but relaxed-looking stage pictures.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

“Public Enema No. 1; Colonics are the butt of jokes in The Imaginary Invalid. Beck Center is offering a captivating if frequently cacophonous production of the latter, adapted and directed by Molière mensch Timothy Mooney (of the deliciously titled one-person performance Molière Than Thou). Mooney has created an arch anachronism … Under Mooney's sprightly direction, the cast surfs across his metered dialogue and creates a humorous collision that explodes in the second act. … A diverting evening of laughter, slapstick, and commentary on the grotesque foibles of the powerful in any society.” (Cleveland Pulse)

Projects for the Future:

Of course, I can be talked into just about anything Moliere or Shakespeare, but here are some projects that I am excited about:

Tartuffe: This was my first Moliere project, as writer/director, back in 1997, and I am eager to act this time around, playing either the title character, or the role of Orgon. Or, another exciting prospect is to play both in rotating repertory, trading off with another actor.

Don Juan: Similar to Tartuffe, I would love to play Don Juan or Sganarelle or both. A challenging play to produce, it is almost never done in the U.S., and this would be the world premiere of this script.

The Misanthrope: People seem largely unaware how very funny this play is. It received rave reviews when we produced it at Stage Two in 2000, and I believe I could revisit the character of Alceste a dozen times and not get tired.

The Imaginary Invalid: Having directed this one (see above), I am looking forward to playing Argan someday.

Other plays available: The Bourgeois Gentleman, The Learned Ladies, The Flying Doctor, The Miser, Monsieur de Porceaugnac, The Schemings of Scapin, The School for Husbands, The School for Wives, Sganarelle or The Imaginary Cuckold.