Royalty Info

Please contact the author, Timothy Mooney, directly if you have any interest in producing this work. The author retains all rights and royalties. While the author provides this script as a free service, this play CANNOT be produced without permission, and royalty arrangement. This includes any performance given in-house, or without charging admission. He will, however, be delighted to work with you to make such a production possible.

For most performances, the royalty to produce this work is $75 for the first performance, and $50 for each subsequent performance. This exact total may shift up or down when other factors are assessed, so any production application must contain the following information:

To obtain performance rights, you must pay the performance fees in advance of opening night. If royalties are not secured in advance of opening night the permission may be withdrawn.

The only exceptions to this agreement include brief (10 minutes or less) scenes or monologues, performed in-class, or for auditions, for audiences of less than 25. The author has no intent to discourage this educational, actor-development process.

Any such royalty questions regarding Doctor in Spite of Himself, The Imaginary Invalid, The Misanthrope, The Miser, The Schemings of Scapin, orTartuffe, must be directed to the good folks at Playscripts, Inc. (, who control the rights on these works.